Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ruby has worms

Well I should have known it would not be long before Ruby discovered my new vermicomposting bin. Sure enough, this morning (on Earth Day no less), the lid was off the worm bin, and I found Ruby sitting right in the worm bedding, 'calling' to the worms hidden under the compost. Fascinated, I watched as the compost worms actually surfaced and came to her and began to crawl into her lap. Ruby and the Eisenia Foetida worms seems to have an amazing natural affinity for each other. She pleaded with me to let her help with the feeding of kitchen scraps to the worms twice a week, and of course I agreed.
I think it's wonderful that Ruby is showing an interest in 'green' composting! Ruby will now be helping with the feedings, and is also in charge of 'reading' the worms for any signs of distress due to conditions in the bin.