Sunday, February 22, 2009

Violette in Seattle

Ruby has received a letter from her penpal Violette. Violette is a traveling reporter for let's just say an 'underground Resistance publication'. Ruby and Violette knew each other from the Home and have kept in touch sporadically since then. This is Violette:

While recently covering a story on corruption and brutality in the miniature millinery industry in Seattle, Violette was graciously hosted by a like-minded energetic bicycling watercolourist. This kind lady noticed that poor Violette was clad only in worn cotton bloomers, which were entirely inadequate for the cold Seattle winter, so she generously put her handworking skills to use in crocheting a new warm wool wardrobe for Violette. Violette was fed luscious berry pies by the energetic bicycling watercolourist's husband, who happened to be an excellent pastry chef.

Violette sent Ruby this photo of her hazardous hiking adventure on the snowy Seattle streets. She had to watch her back at every turn as miniature millinery thugs bent on political revenge might be lurking in every alley.

We are unsure of Violette's current whereabouts since her expose assignments are kept confidential, but we do know that she did indeed bid adieu to the energetic bicycling watercolourist and to Seattle, and is supposedly safely on her way to her next location.